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Sandu Osteon-D® (60 Tablets)


Sandu Osteon-D® (60 Tablets)


Sandu Osteon D: The multifactorial Ayurvedic Calcium Supplement

• Sandu Osteon-D® is is multifactorial Ayurvedic calcium supplement.
• Sandu Osteon-D® is best source of natural calcium and zinc for the best nourishment of bones in all age groups.
• Sandu Osteon-D® ensures additional calcium requirement is fullfilled during pregnacy, in breast feeding mothers and children of all age groups.
• Sandu Osteon-D® is beneficial in preventing degeneration of bone density during the period of menopause and old age.
• Sandu Osteon-D® helps in faster healing of fractures.

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Ingredients : Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Shankha bhasma, Shauktik bhasma, Laghumalini Vasant ,Swarna makshik bhasma,Dashmool,Chandraputi Praval Bhasma
Dosages : Adults:1 tab 3 times a day Children:1 tab 2 times a day
Pack Size : 60 Tablets

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